Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts
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Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts

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Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts

Simple Tips for Avoiding Unnecessary Freezer Repair

Esperanza Arias

Most homeowners will need to have their freezer repaired or replaced eventually, as certain parts will break down and need fixing. However, many homeowners actually face unnecessary freezer repair bills simply because of how they use their freezer and because they neglect to take proper care of it. Note a few simple tips for avoiding unnecessary freezer repair in your home.

1. Don't overfill the unit

Overfilling the freezer is probably the most common mistake made by homeowners and yet the most damaging. Your freezer has vents in the top or the back of the unit, and these vents push cold air into the freezer compartment. That air needs to circulate to maintain a cool temperature.

If you have food and other items packed into your freezer, chances are you're blocking those vents. You may also not be allowing cold air to circulate through the freezer compartment. In turn, the motor and blower both need to work harder to keep the unit cool, and this causes unnecessary wear and tear. Note if your freezer has room around your food items for the vents to work and for cold air to easily circulate.

2. Don't leave the doors open

Your mother or grandmother may have chastised you when you left the refrigerator or freezer doors open, and those words of advice should be considered! When you open the freezer doors you allow in warm air from the outside room, so the motor and blower both need to work harder to keep the temperature stable. Remember that your freezer is not a room air conditioner, and you should never prop open the door to cool your kitchen when you've been cooking. If you need to clean out the freezer and keep the door open, shut off the circuit breaker or unplug the unit so it doesn't continue to run.

3. Check your home's wiring

If the circuit breaker to your freezer continuously shuts off, this often means that your home's wiring is not sufficient for the power it needs. You may need new wiring, or your appliances may need to be rewired to be on their own circuit. When a circuit shuts off and then you need to switch it back on, this puts extra wear and tear on the motor and blower. Not only does the temperature drop, but also the motor and blower kick on automatically when a unit is turned on simply to ensure they work. Over time, this wear and tear can cause early repair work to be needed, so check your home's wiring if this happens in your home.

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