Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts
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Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts

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Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts

Signs You Require Bath Repairs

Esperanza Arias

Your bathroom tends to be one of the most overused rooms in the home, yet is still one of the most overlooked too. This is especially true if there are multiple people in the residence as this will increase the chances of it succumbing to wear and tear. One mistake homeowners make though is ignoring the signs of a rundown bathroom thinking that they will not be much of a bother. Here are some of the signs that you need to contemplate bath repairs to avoid expensive renovations of the different components that make up your bathroom.

Corrosion and flaking

Granted, wear and tear is normal and for some homeowners they may simply consider this an eye sore and nothing more. The truth of the matter though is that some of the signs of wear and tear could pose serious health hazards if you continue using your bathroom in that state. One sign to look out for is corrosion in the faucets. This will eventually lead to debris in your water, and the particles could become ingested or come in contact with your eyes and more. If your faucets start running discoloured or foul smelling water, have a plumber inspect whether this is due to corrosion of the pipes and have them replaced post haste.

Another sign of wear and tear to look out for is paint flaking off the walls and ceiling. This will occur over time due to the moist and humid conditions of the bathroom. Peeling paint is not simply unsightly. In older homes, the paint could comprise of lead and this is a serious health hazard for all inhabitants that use the bathroom. When you notice paint flaking off, you need to have it fixed to ensure that you are not being exposed to hazardous materials such as lead, asbestos and more.

Leaking bathtubs

When you begin to notice puddles of water forming in close proximity to your bathtub, chance are your tub has a sprung a leak. These leaks could form due to a number of reasons. For one, the sealing on the tub may have come loose, and it would be pertinent to have this repaired before your bathroom succumbs to water damage. Other causes of leaks is if your tub has cracks in its basin. You may also spring up leaks in the event that the piping in your bathroom has cracked due to aging. Any signs of water in unwarranted areas should be looked into to avoid making your bathroom a breeding ground for mould, mildew, bacteria and more.

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