Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts
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Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts

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Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts

Roller Door Repairs: 3 Solutions to Silencing Noisy Doors

Esperanza Arias

Roller doors should operate relatively noise-free and should not be so loud that they are disturbing your daily activities and interfering with your life. If you find your rollers doors to be too loud when opening or closing, here are 3 quick and easy solutions that may help your situation: 

Inspect and Tighten All Parts

You'd be surprised at just how loud and annoying one loose fastener can be. If you hear a rattling type of noise, follow your ears to the source of the sound. Inspect all of the parts that are nearby, and check to see whether any of them need to be tightened. Typically speaking, all you'll need is a deep socket and a ratchet to tighten all of the nuts up.

Don't go overboard and over tighten the the parts, though. If you do, this may put too much pressure on that specific area of the roller doors. This may cause the carriage bolt heads to be pulled right through the roller doors.

Lubricate the Tracks and Rollers

The friction between the tracks and dollars can also make a tremendous amount of noise. The rollers and tracks should be oiled up once or twice a year during maintenance; however, if you hear screeching noises when the roller doors are opening and closing, there's no harm in adding a little bit more lubrication. It just might do the trick.

You should lubricate the roller bearings, the hinges, the springs, the erosion bar bearings, and just about every pivot point using specially formulated roller door lube. Avoid using oil, grease or spray lithium grease as lubrication, as they do not tend to penetrate well, and will pick up dirt and dust due to their sticky nature.

Add Anti-Vibrating Pads

If everything seems to be working properly, then the racket may be simply caused by normal vibrations of all of the parts. Anti-vibrating pads will help solve this particular problem. You want to install anti-vibrating pads between the mounting brackets and the ceiling. This solution is relatively easy and inexpensive. 


If these solutions still do not solve your problem with noise, then there may be a larger undying cause involved. In these situations, don't hesitate to contact a local repairman. Not only will your local roller door repairman perform a more thorough inspection, but he or she will also offer you a wide array of solutions to choose from.