Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts
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Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts

A deck is a beautiful outdoor asset to your home, and the right deck can make your living space seem larger. Hi, my name is Jackie, and I am a lover of all things related to the home. I enjoy decorating, repairing, restoring, and reading about ideas and even cleaning. Thanks to the success of our family business, I am able to work from home, and as I spend so much time here, I want it to look beautiful. If you want to have a beautiful home, I want to help you as well. In this blog, I am going to focus on decks in particular. I want to talk about repairing them, restoring them and reusing their old wood in new projects. If you want ideas or inspiration, I invite you to stay, take a look and enjoy these posts.

Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts

Why Opt to Store Your Boat at a Marina?

Esperanza Arias

If you own a boat, you need to carefully consider where and how you will store it. This is part of the cost of boat ownership, and you typically need to choose between a self-storage unit, storing the boat at home, or keeping it at a marina. A marina may be located on a canal, lakefront, or jetty, but it offers many advantages over any other type of storage. Note a few of those advantages here so you can determine if this is the best choice for you boat.


Trailering whether or not a boat is trailerable is a term you'll see when you buy a boat; this refers to how easy it is to actually put your boat on a trailer and haul it. This is important, as your boat may fit into a self-storage unit or on your property, but having to put it on a trailer and take it off when you want to spend time on the water can be a challenge. You need to find a marina or dock with a trailer ramp, secure your boat to the trailer without backing your vehicle too far into the water, and ensure you can safely drive the roadways to and from the storage area. One minor mistake in trailering can mean a boat that tips or a trailer that hits your vehicle, costing you thousands in damages. Towing your boat on a windy day or in heavy traffic can increase this risk of damage. Very tall boats may not fit under certain overpasses or through tunnels that are on your way to your storage area, and you may need to take a longer route just to get there.

When you dock your boat at a marina, there is no need for trailering and no need to worry if your boat is even trailerable. Your boat stays at the dock and you don't need to worry about getting it on and off the trailer to enjoy a day on the water.


When you keep your boat at a marina, it's often easier to do repairs. There may be tools you can rent at the marina, and you may be able to lift your boat off the ground with cranes or other equipment often found at a marina. This allows you to more readily access the hull of the boat for cleaning and maintenance. There may also be repairpersons like Coastal Pontoon & Jetty Repairs at the marina who can assist with fixing engines or patching holes in the boat or in sails, so you don't need to find these professionals to help when your boat is in a self-storage unit or stored on your property.