Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts
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Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts

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Repairing, Restoring and Repurposing Old Decking: Tips. Ideas and Facts

What Causes Plaster Ceilings to Become Damaged?

Esperanza Arias

If your home has plaster ceilings, you might have educated yourself about how to look for damage. You might know that if you spot cracks, sagging, or discolourations in your plaster ceiling, for example, you should address the issue soon. What you might not know, though, is what causes plaster ceilings to become damaged in the first place. These are some examples of things that might result in you needing to have plaster ceiling repair done to your home.

Your Home Might Have Settled

You'll find plaster ceilings in many older homes, and you might have an older home yourself. If this is the case, then there is a chance that your plaster ceilings have simply become damaged because of time. No matter how well-built a home is or how well it's taken care of, settling can and does happen over the years. As settling happens, this can cause plaster ceilings to crack and even pull away from the walls a little bit. In this case, you might want to see if any foundation work needs to be done to your home first. After all, as homes settle, foundations can sometimes crack or become damaged too. Then, after any foundation repairs have been done, you can have your plaster ceiling repaired.

Light Fixtures Might Have Caused Problems

Plaster ceilings can usually hold big and heavy light fixtures, as long as they are properly installed. However, if a light fixture was improperly installed or removed, this might have caused damage to your plaster ceiling.

Your Attic Might Not Be Properly Insulated

Moisture fluctuations in the attic can actually cause damage to your plaster ceiling. In many cases, moisture fluctuations can happen in the attic because it is not properly insulated. After having your ceiling repaired, you may want to have your attic insulated. Not only can this help prevent this type of damage from occurring to your plaster roof again, but it can also help with other things, such as keeping your home at the proper temperature during the winter and summer.

Your Roof Could Have a Leak

Lastly, no matter what type of ceiling you might have in your home, you should know that ceiling damage is often caused by roof leaks. If you have noticed signs of damage to your plaster ceiling and have not had your roof professionally inspected in a while, it might be time for an inspection of your roof. Along with addressing the issue with your roof, you will obviously need to have your plaster ceiling repaired, too. Look into plaster ceiling repairs for more information.